Business & Data Analytics

Lean Predictive & Prescriptive Business Analytics Specialized Skill Pathway (IM1007)

90 Days | SCORM |

Course Description: This certification course provides specific knowledge in understanding relationships among business variables and how to build regression/prediction models to formulate such relationships. Learners will attain the skill to apply predictive modeling to solve business problems or to support business decision making. The course teaches tools of prescriptive analytics to simulate a situation for business risk assessment or to enhance a certain business objective by maximizing or minimizing outcomes under certain conditions using linear programming.

Course Duration: 90 days from start date
Start Date: Date of registering and accessing course.
Course Format: Online & self-paced within course duration. Instructor available to answer questions if needed.
Instructor: Available via in-class messages & in-class meeting capabilities
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Course Objectives:
• Understand how to formulate and state a business problem
• Understand how to simply set a business analytics project to achieve results
• Learn the application and general difference of Descriptive analytics, Predictive analytics, and Prescriptive analytics
• Analyze data using Predictive Analytics tool for possible correlation values and associations of business variables.
• Learn how to build simple and multiple linear predictive models to represent relationships and predict dependent variable behavior.
• Learn how to build simple and advanced forecasting models to represent relationships with time and forecast future variable behavior like sales and demand.
• Integrate risk aversion using simulation and optimization tools and learn how to manage business objective functions.
• Analyze and use linear programming optimization in Prescriptive Analytics to enhance business decision-making process and problem solving.

Course Outline:
• Introducing Business & Data Analytics
• Defining Business Problem • Formulating & Prioritizing Problem Based Project
• Predictive Analytics o Trendline & Linear Regression Analysis
o Forecasting & Time Series Modeling
• Prescriptive Analytics
o Monte Carlo Simulation & Risk Analysis
o Linear Optimization

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  • Introducing Business & Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Business & Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Business & Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics-Quick Review
  • Defining Business Problem
  • Simply Defining a Problem or Opportunity- How to?
  • Lesson
  • Defining the Problem
  • Defining the Problem
  • What Is a Problem Statement: Definition and Example
  • Formulating & Prioritizing Problem Based Project
  • Lesson: Defining a Project
  • Formulating & Prioritizing a Project
  • Project Priority & Screening
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Trendline & Linear Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Trendline & Regression Analysis
  • Learning Objective
  • Practice Assignment [Go To Files]
  • Simple & Mutiple Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression Model in Excel
  • Multiple Regression Model
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Introduction to Forecasting Techniques
  • Learning Objective
  • Forecasting & Time Series Modeling
  • Assessment - Practice Assignment [Go To Files]
  • Video 1: Forecasting Models for Practice Problems
  • Video 2: Forecasting Models for Practice Problems
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Monte Carlo Simulation & Risk Analysis
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation & Risk Analysis
  • Learning Objective
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel
  • Monte Carlo Simulations: Run 10,000 Simulations
  • Monte Carlo Simulaiton for Practice Problem
  • Monte Carlo Simulation Practice Problem
  • Linear Optimization
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization
  • Learning Objective
  • Linear Optimization Using Solver
  • Application of Linear Optimization
  • Application of Linear Optimization using Excel Example
  • Application of Linear Optimization -Sensitivity
  • Module 15 Integer Linear Programming - Binary (0-1) Variables
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 1
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 2
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 3
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 4
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 5
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 6
  • Introduction to Linear Optimization 7
  • Using Solver for LP Practice Problems
  • LP Optimization Practice Problems
  • END
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year